Leaving the morning airwaves

So after 2.5 years of setting my alarm for 04:30, I am leaving the lovely people at Absolute Radio.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the Christian O’Connell breakfast show and will miss the ‘groovy gang’ and our ‘fab larks’ immensely.

I will mostly miss the hilarious, quirky and slightly strange human being that is Richie Firth.  Our competitiveness has been genuine, he hates losing – I love winning - and his friendship and sense of humour has got me through some mornings when we would all rather be asleep!

From netball to skiing, orienteering, Arsenal baiting, comedy nights, gigs, marathon training, the Isle of Wight Festival and getting drunk at Cheltenham, we’ve had a blast.

But everyone involved on the show have made it a hard place to leave.  My original news partner Andrew Bailey of the Fails and Bay era along with the Boy King Geraint Ellis and awesome Producer Chris (Skinner) made every show zip by and caused me to wheel away from the microphone on many an occasion to guffaw in a very unladylike-like manner! And the newer crew of Matt Dyson, Charlie Murrell and Aussie producer Nick Daly were a dream to work with and made mornings so much easier. 

My last day on air I have to admit I may have been a teensy bit squiffy / hungover.  Starting with prosecco at 2pm at your leaving party cannot be recommended when getting up to talk out loud at the crack of dawn the next day.  The wonderful people at Fullers and the Sun and 13 Cantons must also take some blame for putting money behind the bar!  

My last shift passed by in a blur, but I was spoiled rotten.  I cried on air (which I promised I wouldn’t) – Richie serenaded me with the Littlest Hobo and I was presented with some amazing gifts from the Absolute Radio team and our lovely show sponsor Wickes who’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with since I joined.  

I left with a vintage bottle of champagne from OC, some John Lewis vouchers for our new house and two big baskets of goodies Wickes gave me as I prepare to build my new voiceover studio in the back garden – including 3 pots of paint in Luton Town colours – the best excuse I need to have an orange feature wall!

After falling off a kerb on the way home from my leaving do, my twisted ankle needed a cab to take it and my gifts home and I pulled out of Golden Square, smiling, but with tears in my eyes as I reflected on an awesome 2.5 years where I laughed every morning and made friends for life.  A new (less tired!) chapter coming up…