London Marathon 2015

Everything hurts! I was told that would be the case, but I really did not anticipate how much.  And now I am at work at 0530 having barely slept after running 26.2 miles yesterday.  I did it!  

Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored me or sent me such amazing messages of support – it really meant so much that so many of you were encouraging me.  Myself and Richie are both walking a bit weirdly this morning and yes – for those asking – he did beat me (dammit) Quite convincingly actually, he ran an immense 4 hours 56, whereas I came in 48 minutes later at 5 hours 44.  My hip decided it didn’t want to belong to the rest of my body after 16 miles and until I had some quick physio and my mum handed me an ibuprofen at 20 miles, I was in a world of pain, walk/running and stretching! 

The drugs helped, as did the amazing crowd that lined the streets – I have never seen so many people in London supporting all us nutters who had actively chosen to run this ridiculous distance.  

They helped so much (as did the drugs no doubt) that I ended up putting in my fastest splits in the final 4 miles and sprinting my way down the Mall!  With a supportive note of “the faster you run, the faster it will all be over” in my head.

It’s still not really hit me, but my proudest achievement is that I have raised around £3000 for the RNIB and I am chuffed to bits about that, so thank you.

The large glass of red wine went down a treat as did the free burger and now I am going to spend the next few days in my Epsom Salts bath!

Here are a few pictures from the day and a video of Richie and I at the end of the race.  Not the most attractive photos I’ve ever had taken of me, but hey ho!